Warranty, FAQ, and Reviews

What do we do?

We offer custom built sabers, some pre-built and ready to ship now, others built to your very own specifications! To commission a saber built as you want it, finished in the colors you want, with the LED you choose, and soundboard you select from what we offer, please use the contact us page to get in touch, and start the process of getting the saber you want in your hand today.

Warranty Information

 All hilts built custom by Rogue Sabers LLC come with a limited one-year warranty. Warranty covers acts of dueling or sparring with the saber, however, exclusions do apply. Warranty does not cover damage due to water, sand, or dirt, or any act deemed as misuse of the saber, as determined by Rogue Sabers LLC. Any hilt returned for warranty repair that is determined to be an outside of warranty repair will have a repair fee assessed and communicated before repairs are completed.

In case of damage to the hilt, please send an email to service@roguesabers.com with pictures or a video attached of the damages/issue you are having. If possible, we will troubleshoot any issues with you via email or a phone call. If unable to resolve the issue, you as the buyer will be responsible for shipping the item back to us for repairs. We will cover return shipping to you after repairs have been completed as a courtesy on all in warranty repairs. For out-of-warranty cases, return shipping will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and is not guaranteed to be covered. 


The following are some of our real reviews as posted on our Facebook page:

- "Amazing work and really fast. Glad we got our 3 fixed up. They work a million times better."

- " Very fast work, loved the communication and pictures through all the process steps, the tear out, review of all the parts wanting to be installed and even input on what could be installed or done to it if he's in the middle of the reinstalling process, great quality work and super fast shipping, will be sending all my hilts to rogue in the future for the custom and quality work done by everyone at rogue, thank you!!!!!"

Have a saber, and need it upgraded?

We can do that, as well! We don't just offer custom builds, but can and will upgrade your current saber as you would like. Have a plain hilt, and wish it was a little... more? Send it in, and we can powder coat it, or simply re-install and upgrade the internals with a full chassis and Plecter Labs soundboard. Need a real leather wrap added to your hilt as well? Not a problem! We can get one of those for you, no hassle, and low cost. Just send us an email, start a conversation, and see what we can do for you!


Keep up to date on what we have going on here at Rogue Sabers.... we will update this frequently! 

Things are beginning to progress smoothly here at Rogue Sabers, and we have a bunch of exciting and fun news coming up very soon! Please follow us and make sure to give us a like on Facebook, and keep up to date on any and all RTS (Ready to Ship) sabers we have on offer! 

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Q - What is Powder Coat?

A - Simply put, a powder coat finish is a tough, durable, color coating on the hilt that will last far longer than paint, and take less damage as well. It's applied through a slightly labor intensive process, but we believe the results are well worth the effort!

Q - What are Plecter Labs soundboards?

A - In our personal, and professional, opinion, Plecter Labs have the best soundboards available on the market today. With low price point entry boards up to master-class, high-end boards, they're superior soundboards that offer the best in sound quality and features for your saber. For more information on Plecter Labs, please visit their website.

Q - Can you duel with these sabers?

A - Yes! Absolutely you can. While we specialize in higher-end electronics with custom finishes, our sabers are indeed fully duel-ready and capable. With a secure chassis to hold and protect the electronics and the best LEDs on the market, you will have a great display, dueling, or collectible saber - whatever YOU want it to be.